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Monday, July 09, 2007

RegDex, Form D for

Before you ever buy any stock, perform your own due diligence. Learn how to find information like this and if you can!!

The following document is what is referred to as a Form D, a RegDex filing: they are filed when a company needs or wants to raise money. It discusses what the money is for and current structure of the company, like ownership, officers, purpose, and more.

It would be REALLY exciting to see the details on the exchange of cash for stock. We already know that the minimum investment is $10,000.00; how much stock does that buy: what are the terms?? A stock promoter named Shakerzzz on the I-Hub Board recently announced that he is being compensated $35,000.00 for "market awareness" or promoting the RBID stock. It is still unsure if Shakerzzz has been paid yet, but I also wonder about the money, the $35,000.00 that has been raised in the Form D. Proceeds from the Form D are earmarked for more than just salaries, bonuses, and working capital; RBID needs money for advertising, promotion and marketing.

Also, by the looks of the 504, the management does not need any money to repay indebtedness since there is no provision. has been hired to promote, advertise RBID for the next 12 months: total cost to date is 50,000,000 restricted shares and nobody knows what the stock will be worth in a year or two.

This FORM D is a gift from Lex Luthor to fellow traders/investors in to be viewed in electronic form since Alan Rothman, CEO, would not provide or discuss this "public document" so a paper copy, reg # 07066568(April 26, 2007) has been given to the public at no charge. Perhaps some day the CEO of RBID can explain why an expenditure of less than $5.00( 500 Pennies ) is not warranted for shareholders who have seen the stock price maintain its loss of 81% from last month!

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