The Moment It Hit Me

It has been 8 months since it hit me. What hit me? Where I relocated to.I moved to Tucson 11 months ago and have never been able to find anything near where I live. ShopFromHomepage was created to provide merchants the opportunity to let us know where they are: the site is undergoing construction, so enjoy the entertainment for now!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

TONIGHT "Lex Luthor Presents"

Can you get published and make money ? Find out on the conclusion:

"Publishing Today!"

Tonight, Friday 8:00PT - 11:00ET: Tune in to BlogTalkRadio and join Lex Luthor and his guest:

David Amerland, CEO of Amerland Enterprises. David brings more than 15 year's experience in PR, publishing and writing. He is a journalist, author and was the editorial director of Britain's foremost online publisher, Cool Publications.

Click on this link to hear the show live, and a free download will be available approximately 42 minutes after the conclusion. Call 646.915.9622 with your questions or send an e-mail to:

Lex Luthor Presents is sponsored by: "Find local shopping in your area"

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