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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Who DECIDEs !?!

Last month, after testing the shallow over at BlogTalkRadio, we decided to utilize additional resources in an attempt to explore future endeavors. Lex Luthor chose a young, beautiful, Russian model to appear in a new illustrative campaign to further the exploits of World Domination. In fact, Vera Ostroumova was chosen for her beauty inside and out, with an obvious on the out!

We understand BTR is an upstart company, much like But who is in charge of marketing the different channels? We created an image with a message from Vera.....

BTR has attempted to cover up a featured asset of Lex Luthor Limited. While the styling and curves of their button are somewhat appealing, we view the attempted cover up of Vera's chest as potential censorship!

Whose button would you prefer to push? the creator's or the venue host? The ultimate winner will be Lex Luthor according to John O'Quinn. "Our target audience focuses on Vera's buttons: align yourself with Vera and Lex" says Lex Luthor. This Friday's show may be canceled due a conflict with our scheduled guest, Howard K. Stern.

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Anonymous Amy Domestico said...

My god man, who would do such a horrible thing! She should be errrrr they should be hung....or something

5:19 AM  

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