The Moment It Hit Me

It has been 8 months since it hit me. What hit me? Where I relocated to.I moved to Tucson 11 months ago and have never been able to find anything near where I live. ShopFromHomepage was created to provide merchants the opportunity to let us know where they are: the site is undergoing construction, so enjoy the entertainment for now!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Jingle bells, jingle bells, laughing all the way..ha ha ha. Do I have the song wrong? mmmmm Maybe hahahaha. Yes, I need to start the promo tour, you know, you go to varying business leaders, shake hands, kiss their baby :) . And I am not talking about the ones in diapers: this is the internet;)

So it looks like I may finally get to go out in the world. I got an e-mail from a patron and they said "wear your "Dark Sunglasses". So I called Billie Gibbens and had a nice new pair sent to me, from La Grange.

I am ready! This little, yet quite huge, website is just a spec in the billions of pages. So is Yahoo, Google, Craig, so what? Is there a problem? Yes, there is a problem. People are tired of trying to figure out what's going on in their piece of the planet and they're "Not gonna take it anymore!"

It is time for business owners to realize who they cater to. Why do business owners locate themselves in your part of town? Do you even need to think about it? No, you don't. But the people who opened up shop do. Have they let your community know that they are next door? Are they on the Map? Well, maybe someone needs to tell them to "Get on the Map!"

In the last post, there was a mention of a HOTEL in downtown HOUSTON that I was going to stay at for CHRISTMAS. Well, my plans are to be in Houston for Christmas and now all that is needed is for 1 out of 10+ to get on the map so we(I), can find a place to stay! Seems like there is a real need for a hotel...hmmmm. Anyway, here's the deal.

SFH is beginning to gain weight. And I am expanding its presence. I should start "Edmond's rules" for web dominance:

1. Expand. Get your information out in every type of medium available: let the business world know what they are missing.

2. Have a strong image. Something that's memorable, easy to remember like..a killer logo( make note, have a logo contest ). Is something wrong with our logo?? Comments anyone?

3. Remember rules 1 & 2.

Ok .. there are more but for those, well... you need to keep reading this blog.



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