The Moment It Hit Me

It has been 8 months since it hit me. What hit me? Where I relocated to.I moved to Tucson 11 months ago and have never been able to find anything near where I live. ShopFromHomepage was created to provide merchants the opportunity to let us know where they are: the site is undergoing construction, so enjoy the entertainment for now!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

31 October 2006

The month ends, it is Halloween night and all is quite because there are no kids where I live... It has been a rather interesting month. E-Machine continues to be a complete POS company: I hope I never go to Chino. Lex Luthor was released from a visit with Dr. Blogstein and today, the Houston Business Journal wants to publish a story, in fact the same story that the Tucson Business Edge wants to do. Wow! Perhaps some well due and about time focus is turning this way. The map should be getting active in the next few days as well: Lex has taken care of that.

Next month, tomorrow, will mark a significant time for me and the company. The holidays are here, though I can pass them by, and time is now for the end of the year to become complete. Lex is getting more active and not very social: in fact he is pissed and will not take any more excuses or prisoners. Business, it's just business and it is becoming more intense. It is no wonder why and how the dichotomy was released: it has been locked up a long time.

I'm tired, Lex is in Houston, I have the house to myself, Boston Legal in 1 hour. Then the Crow with Brandon Lee! Later.


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