The Moment It Hit Me

It has been 8 months since it hit me. What hit me? Where I relocated to.I moved to Tucson 11 months ago and have never been able to find anything near where I live. ShopFromHomepage was created to provide merchants the opportunity to let us know where they are: the site is undergoing construction, so enjoy the entertainment for now!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

There is a rumor going around that I am getting a little, how can I say this without upsetting me???? screwy again. All I can say is what I would normally say, "Who cares?" Just because I now have some new friends hanging with me from Smiley Town or wherever they come from: I like the comic relief. But enough about my friends. Let's talk about me and Shop, ok????? Ok, I see why the rumor is going around.....

Next week is going to get more intense, but I guess I forgot to say that IT IS ALREADY INTENSE........This is going to be an all or nothing month and no prisoners can be taken. I am about to carry out a full assault on the town of Tucson, just like a politician, door to door. Hmmm, maybe I will go into politics too?.. Oh well, door to door, setting up potential paper interviews and I will start really bugging the DJ's here to let me talk!! I am so sick of trying to find places. It totally sucks! Tucson is so freaking big I am on empty before I head to a bar because I forgot what the hell I was looking for. Yes, it's that bad! I am not going to make a career out of locating stores to have them go out of business due to the lack of business because nobody knows they are in business. Ok! So GET ON THE MAP!!!

Where are my Smiley pals when I need them? But, for those who read my posts all the way through, like you didn't get board at the first word..., loser,for those who stuck around to enjoy the thoughts and ramblings that go on in my little world, genius world that is......there will be a surprise coming and that's all I'll say.
Help! Help! Where does this stuff come from?


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