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Friday, December 08, 2006

It appears that Pixelotto is losing some momentum

Is it because people realize that they are buying worthless hits? Most lotteries keep about 6% of the take and disburse the rest, so maybe people think Alex is too greedy by having his advertisers pick up the tab for his milliondollarhomepage lottery. Perhaps Alex Tew should have charged the original dollar and given away half of those earnings? I mean, $500,000 is pretty good: can you really expect to make a million bucks a year? Are there any stats from Alex that support any results of sales or quality traffic? That would be really interesting to know that brick and mortar stores are receiving more business or even internet companies as a direct result from Pixelotto. Any thoughts from you guys?

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Blogger misw74 said...

The pixels which are sold are sold only because of his name, but it was short term effect. I don't thing it is enough, for a long term.
MDHP was successfull because it was something new, very simple and transparent. It was not really generating a lot of traffic for linked sites. Now it is not new, not simple, perhaps even too serious with this lottery behind it.

I have to mention this, I can't resist. This kind of websites inspired me last month to start experiment "Let's waste one million dollars" at And I think it will happed before pixels from pixelotto are sold.

12:51 PM  
Blogger Lex Luthor said...

That's hilarious! Alessio, the guy who said he was getting 2,000 hits a day from Pixelotto gave me access to his Goog Anal. Stats are 12/5(409)12/6(1164)12/7(556) from Pixelotto. His site is a little up from: "" with mine face. Good Luck on that $800.00 investment. Maybe you can invest some with me ??

3:16 PM  

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