The Moment It Hit Me

It has been 8 months since it hit me. What hit me? Where I relocated to.I moved to Tucson 11 months ago and have never been able to find anything near where I live. ShopFromHomepage was created to provide merchants the opportunity to let us know where they are: the site is undergoing construction, so enjoy the entertainment for now!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Earlier today I posted my anger at E-Machine and how can I say this in a family oriented way?? geez, ok, bad. They are bad company. I have other words but this is a family place, sort of. Anyway, my little friends on the left that are bashing computers are really my subconscious taking it out on E-Machine's worthless hardware. If you would like to tell E-Machine how worthless they are, here is the corp. CS # 801.401.1199. They do not want you to have this number, but, I am sticking it to the man! Ha Ha Ha.

Since my pals are sticking it to the Man, I will talk about me! Ahh yes. What can I say, has everyone been able to utilize SFH to the fullest? no. Has everyone heard of us? no. Well geez(family oriented remember :) ), I guess my job is not over: of course when I get a computer that works, that will be a BIG +! But everything else is rolling right along. Editors are checking us out! We are talking with some other business owners that understand the potential reward before them. More tid bits a comin'.

PS. If you would like a written transcript of today's entry , please send me $25.00 and I will send you a copy. Ha Ha

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Today is Saturday, nothing new about that, but I mention it to simply note that it has been a very good day: for me and for SFH ( aka: ShopFromHomepage ) For those who have not noticed, I have been a little edgy lately: maybe it's that new coffee with twice the caffeine :) , just kidding. But somehow I was able to sleep well last night and it was to all's benefit today.

So why am I here on a Staurday? Because business never stops and Edmond never takes a break!

Ok .. enough said already....

Friday, September 22, 2006

Jingle bells, jingle bells, laughing all the way..ha ha ha. Do I have the song wrong? mmmmm Maybe hahahaha. Yes, I need to start the promo tour, you know, you go to varying business leaders, shake hands, kiss their baby :) . And I am not talking about the ones in diapers: this is the internet;)

So it looks like I may finally get to go out in the world. I got an e-mail from a patron and they said "wear your "Dark Sunglasses". So I called Billie Gibbens and had a nice new pair sent to me, from La Grange.

I am ready! This little, yet quite huge, website is just a spec in the billions of pages. So is Yahoo, Google, Craig, so what? Is there a problem? Yes, there is a problem. People are tired of trying to figure out what's going on in their piece of the planet and they're "Not gonna take it anymore!"

It is time for business owners to realize who they cater to. Why do business owners locate themselves in your part of town? Do you even need to think about it? No, you don't. But the people who opened up shop do. Have they let your community know that they are next door? Are they on the Map? Well, maybe someone needs to tell them to "Get on the Map!"

In the last post, there was a mention of a HOTEL in downtown HOUSTON that I was going to stay at for CHRISTMAS. Well, my plans are to be in Houston for Christmas and now all that is needed is for 1 out of 10+ to get on the map so we(I), can find a place to stay! Seems like there is a real need for a hotel...hmmmm. Anyway, here's the deal.

SFH is beginning to gain weight. And I am expanding its presence. I should start "Edmond's rules" for web dominance:

1. Expand. Get your information out in every type of medium available: let the business world know what they are missing.

2. Have a strong image. Something that's memorable, easy to remember like..a killer logo( make note, have a logo contest ). Is something wrong with our logo?? Comments anyone?

3. Remember rules 1 & 2.

Ok .. there are more but for those, well... you need to keep reading this blog.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

All right eee.. ... it's starting, we're ready to take this to the next level. There is always a moment when everything that makes sense hangs in the balance. Because it takes so much effort to get things going it is almost tempting to think of giving up .

But the map is ready and the Press Releases are off and my name is out there and I've spent way too long thinking about this. If I don't take it to the limit I may as well have never begun.

So. Tonight the countdown begins. In just ten days SFH aka. will be a buzzword on the net.

Ten(10) days.

Is there a lot of work that still needs to be done?


I am going to sleep at Christmas in a downtown Houston hotel I've picked off my map!!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Russians looking for Where2go...

My detka, she send to me......da, detka, da

Sunday, September 17, 2006 is Born

Enter the world of a paradigm shift that is changing the way you and your friends will use the web from this point forward. The concept is created in Tucson, Arizona and after more than 5 months , the map that is changing the way we live is rolling out to L A, Houston, and of course, Tucson. Use the map!

Work, work, work.....number 9, number 9, ...........

Wasted, wasted time......with that said, it is time to shift. Time is what has been compelling me. Time is up, where did it go, I need more time. Sometimes when there is an abundance, ideas have the opportunity to propogate, and as I have mentioned, this happened to me several months back. You see, time is indeed precious, frustration is not, opportunity is precious, and capitulation is not. You can tell I feel the pressure. All my work building up and up and up ... to this moment! Now!

When I came to Tucson, the whole scenario of learning the layout of my new, yet temporary digs, prompted me to determine the best way to locate the outlets for goods and services that I may need. Getting a "lay of the land" so to speak. But how does that happen? I had no intention of driving in an ever expanding circle taking notes, or memorizing the phone book (like that would do a lot of good! Wasted time remember?) Frustration began to invade My Space. Then, it hit, I was going to create a map and use it. Maps make perfect sense to locate something, and if the vendors/merchants of the fair city would identify themselves, then I would know who and what is where!

Simplicity itself. An idea born out of frustration. And it took over! And here I am. Now I know what I would do with my map: when I found a business that I had an interest in, I could enter the store from the ever so convenient computer in my home. By simply "clicking" on the location I could access the website any time of my choosing. And to top that off, I could bookmark it for future reference! What a concept! Now I just need to find business of interest on the map!

Simple! Simple! Simple! And now it just has to take off! I mean if you're a merchant and you have a store you want your business to be on the map. Right?

Business needs visibility. It's all about being in the right place at the right time. Someone wants your services, you pop up in their radar. Right? Ok. I know it makes sense. I know it's the right kind of advertising at just the right price. So what does it need to take off?

Advertising! the same as any other business!

Ok. Ok. the publicity machine has begun its gentle roll. I just need it to pick up speed now.

That's all it needs!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

This idea that has obsessed me for almost 5 months now is taking on a new life. Yesterday after reading different posts about ShopFromHomepage, it is all becoming so surreal. And yet the thoughts of the progression are always ever consuming me. Never have I found myself to be so distracted from the other facets of my life: this has taken on a new direction and it is the most important challenge ahead of me. With all the energy I have and I am putting in the project, I could not stop even if I wanted to; therefore, it looks like there's no stopping me (or it) now! :)

Every morning I wake up and the day begins: I approach my computer and wham! Hello Shop From Homepage, what are we going to do today? Ok, maybe I need a day off. But it won't let me. It won't let me have a holiday until , well it's not telling me what until is. Am I sounding a little nutty? Once I get through this new phase, this paradigm shift , I will be in pure focus again, but there has been another change in the evolution of ShopFromHomepage.

Paradigm shift , is there any better way to explain it? I don't think so. And with that, we go up the step to another level. Next we, Shop and I need to introduce ourselves to everyone: that is not going to be any small endeavor, but I did not have and nurture this idea for my sole benefit. I know that everyone will be able to benefit or can see it now. All of us have had the need to know what is where and over there, but how much time does anyone really want to spend doing this? It becomes such a hassle. And really, I would like to know who wants to be found? There are millions of us who look as if we have someone to look for. Finding... that's the key. It always has been! Yellow pages. The internet...the web! Each step has allowed us to look better, find more...faster! My inspiration, speeds things up, localizes them, makes them personal! This way you can look faster and find better!

Well, enough of my ramblings today. Maybe I should reflect on some of my steps that have led me to this point so those who read this will have a better understanding of how it all started. Hope you stay tuned, I don't think talking to myself would be a good idea. ;)

Monday, September 11, 2006

Some things are simple, right?

Everyone needs advertising because advertising brings us. One plus one, in this case makes exactly two.

The two of course can be expensive. And not everyone has a lot of money to throw at it.

The web is the great equalizer. It makes sense, small guys can compete with the big guys on an even footing.

This is where my idea helps them, and us! Immensely.

It's that easy.

That good.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Posted by Picasa Just looking for somewhere new2go and trying to make it a little easier for myself and maybe for you too. We'll see!

When the plane landed I had no idea where2go.

That's not the best way to start a year and for me 2006 began like this. You see I left Houston, my home, for a few months to visit Tucson. When the plane landed, I realized that I had no idea where2go in this city: I have not been here for more than 2 days in the past 5 years. I did know where I was going to live for awhile and that was in north Tucson in the hills.

As usual with any new city I or anyone else goes to, you have to learn your surroundings: what stores, doctors, etc. are available near you. After a week or so, I found a few places to remember, but not many. Where were some places to eat?? There are like no restaurants or Pizza places up here! I go through the phone book and , no, they don't have a Papa's pizza, ok, how about Little Caesar? Once again, as in Houston and other cities, you really can not find stores unless you search the yellow pages, then try and figure out where that is.....who is close by. Then guess what, there is a phone number you can call and get limited information from someone who was busy talking to their significant other.

Ever since I learned about the Internet and WWW, which I thought was the World Wide Wrestling maniacs, it seemed that the information highway would solve many problems: and it has, but not this one!

So while trying to figure out where2go, it dawned on me that a good idea would be to check a map of Tucson and find my options; my options were limited to non existent. That's when it hit me.

You know you want to do something, find something...not an unusual problem, it's happened to me so many times before but this one time it was different. I looked up and I suddenly knew what I had to do!

So Shop From Homepage was born........ I guess it was going to be up to Edmond to find the answer of where2shop, where2eat, where2go in this city and others I go to, and then maybe some more. I also figured that the business I would frequent would be the business that want to make it easy on me and fun by advertising on a map so I and others can look and see who and what is where we want2go.

I guess it sound simple. It's only simple by default. How come no one else has thought of it before?

So, hello world, it has begun! Online shopping will never be the same again - ever!