The Moment It Hit Me

It has been 8 months since it hit me. What hit me? Where I relocated to.I moved to Tucson 11 months ago and have never been able to find anything near where I live. ShopFromHomepage was created to provide merchants the opportunity to let us know where they are: the site is undergoing construction, so enjoy the entertainment for now!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

We Would Like To Acknowledge Blog Dumps

The staff at Blog Dumps were very kind and astute for stopping by for a gander of what is destined to be an incredible beginning to a television pilot, then a series and on to a full feature presentation. Who is Michael Mann? Well, that's what Google is for.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lex, Lex, Lex!!

Ok. I thought he had been shot or killed! Now I see him laughing it up with some beautiful Russian chick? That should be me! Good thing I know a few. Hah Lex! I have nothing more to say tonight.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Today I received a message suggesting that I should talk about current events, my problems, your problems, the weather: I say screw that. Every blog I go to is someone talking about their mom who no longer likes the double wide she lives in. Hurricane Rita, damn, when will that blow away? My problems? Do you really want to hear mine when I'm sure you have your own. Now if Dr. Phil wanted to talk with me about my problems, then that would be a different story; but he's not. There are millions of screwed up people standing in line to have someone tell them what others have for years.

No, I am going to talk about 2 things today. First is Friday night's premier of "Lex Luthor Presents". Lex is out of town again so the brunt of all this falls on me: big surprise. Second, another concise definition of an idea that was designed to help everyone. (It was discussed several doors down at Dr. B's over the weekend).

Ok, Friday night. Lex has been firming up some of the people that expressed an interest and have now confirmed that they will be attending. All production efforts are now the sole responsibility of me so posting will be short. I have much to do and I just hope that a lot of bloggers show up. The broadcast, when it is over, is scheduled to be pulled. So if you missed it and planned on seeing it later, you are in for a surprise. Transcripts and or viewing privileges will cost $5.00 and a PayPal account is on the site. Please feel free to contribute as we are a young company and will be able to bear all expenses once more people observe point number 2.

#2) What is it? If you did not read the interview from the weekend, I will sum it all up. SFH is an advertising company that was designed for the local business merchants: inexpensive advertising that will give them an edge against the majors and therefore get more business and maybe stay in business.

SFH is also designed for us, the customer. If we want or need to shop in a specific part of town, we can look at the map and mouse over to get a glimpse of what merchants are there and which of them wants business. We can then click on the location and enter the website and have all the information they want us to have. We now know who we can use now or in the future in this part of town.

That's about it. Could that help you? And I am speaking to both the merchant and you the customer. I know it can. So if you are a merchant and need business and want to be available to people in need, then get on the map! Customers, if you cannot find shopping in an area and you know of someone that needs business, tell them to get on the map.

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Monday, November 27, 2006

A Special Thanks To Dr. Blogstein

I'd like to take this moment to thank a very special blogger, Dr. Blogstein, for the opportunity to be one of the few to ever be interviewed by him. It was more than an honor, it was a privilege to be able to discuss the events that have effected me over the last 7 months. From having an idea to researching, cultivated, processing and creating the application that is used today. Along the way I some how became a little wacky after working on a computer for 5 months and was rescued by several key players that saw my efforts and decided to join forces. My sanity was salvaged through their help and guidance. But this is somehow getting sentimental, but I see nothing wrong with saying thanks to those that deserve it as long as Lex approves this message which I'm sure he does. Otherwise I'm sure the doctor would cut off his treatment.

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thursday's Gone!

It was a nice weekend and I am glad Thursday is gone: everywhere you go people are talking about it. Where is the originality? It's right here folks! I just got finished sweeping off a few posts that seemed more like glitter, which is not my style. Maybe Lex needs it because of the upcoming big event on Friday, but I have my own.

This weekend, I had one of my few and far between more serious fireside chats. You know, where I , President of a company talks with more sense of order and purpose. In a way, I'm kind of glad I did, because the reality is: anyone who knows my doctor will be able to get a prescribed dose of me very soon. Very soon. Many of those who have glanced over me in the past and thought either this guy is far too serious or way to wacky will be in for a surprise. For the most part, I yield to a candid forum but I think the camera or keyboard caught me at one of those quirky takes.

The entertaining factor of Edmond and Lex Luthor is in 5 days: Friday 12/01/06. It should be a very interesting night; I know for a fact that a lot of effort is going in to it: more than we would have agreed to if known, but regardless, it will be done. So I hope all who see this will appreciate just some of what it is that I do: because it is representative of what alot of us do. Learn more about my company, get to know Lex next door. You can meet my doctor down the street. A few others still wish to prefer anonymity, for just a little while longer.

Back soon.

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

No Letters For Me?

Is this how it will be? Lex will become celebrity status like Bob Barker, William Shatner, Alice Cooper and I will be back to running the day to day operations? This figures, but probably best for my company. Lex is a little off the wall at times, but I must admit, he is entertaining and does an effective job of marketing. So I suppose that I will take charge again since Lex has been banned from most countries but I don't feel like being the one to tell him: he'll find out soon enough. And I think I will keep this letter as my little souvenir of what's to come.

Monday, November 20, 2006

It's Monday Night And What's Going On?

A couple of weeks ago, I find out about this place called 25PeepStreet- it's supposed to have cool looking people on it. Ok, so where am I? No photo of me? Done, here you go Hendrik. It's been 2 weeks and a bunch of losers are now populating the place. Gotta love the pair of tits that isn't. Guess which one is a guys ass!~! Hah! Hilarious. Atleast I'll look right at you, or appear to. Maybe the ugly people on the Peeps are afraid: I would be too.

So now it appears I am going to be stuck showing my Godfathers picture from now on. Beta Bloggo will not give me my face back! I have to share it with Lord Lex. Not that he's a bad looking for a dead guy, but hey! What about the real me? As far as Sir Lex goes, I think he is still freaked out about the dream with his father: who wouldn't? Now we have the saga of whether it was all just a dream, or ? Anyway, Lex is out hustling and he left me to answer the phone, fax, e-mail, etc. takes no time off for holidays. That's another reason it went live in the UK. That and it's part of the World Domination scenario.

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Friday, November 17, 2006

Lex Luthor, Oh great! How did this happen!?! Look at him! The elections aren't until.....

Ahhh....Ok. Now I understand. Read between the lines. Lex is all dressed: he looks like he is ready to conquer the world! Maybe that was a bad choice of words.

Need more information? Post me and I'll try. But lets go. Lex looks like he has an appointment!

Yikes!!!!!! I just read Sir Lex's Blog! He says that the picture
to the right is Lord Lex Luthor! His father!!!!! He's dead!

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Why is it that everything seems to be so easy?

Again this week, there are plans that are being decided like any other week. You have good news that makes you know that is just going to be productive week. Sure, over the weekend were some problems with the Blog beta version: I'm working through that. Business plans have come through, maybe not on schedule, but they are here now and look good. For my usual entertainment, I am still going next door to the Dr. B show. What happened to Boston Legal last night? I was not happy., at all. William Shatner on a new game show with a and then 3lbs, not a bad show, still missed Boston.

The good news is that Lex is due in late tonight from Mexico! I cannot believe this guy goes on promos, then needs a few days off? I would say more, but I think I discussed what happened over the weekend with him. His sense of humor gets drab too. Tonight the new Homepage is supposed to go live, but I have another one of those bad feelings like it is not gonna happen and I am still up for no reason. And of course, I will be pissed! I'm already tired. Here is what it will look like. Maybe in the next 24, not sure. Maybe I will let Sir Lex handle it and I will go take a break.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hold It!!

Ok, there are several changes on this blog and first I must say that the transition from Blogger, the old, to Bloggo the beta, well it had a glitch or two. Or did Lex have an excuse to venture through my writings and wreak a little havoc? What do you think?

First, my picture..that good looking one to the left with my blue Revo's protecting my eyes and the direction of which they were looking, yes that one was removed from the system. Fortunately, I figured out a way to get this one up.

Second, the Lex Luthor button underneath me that links to Sir Lex's site cannot be removed: he had to have paid someone to plant that because I tried to delete it and well suffice to say more havoc was coming out.

Third and final for tonight: it's been a long day and several large announcements shortly. Lex should be back in a day or two and I am just finalizing some details before we both sign off on them. If any of you are fans of 25PeepStreet well, if you see a guy like me wearing cool blue shades, give him a click or 2 ok. I just know I am better looking than Lex.

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Great! I give Tucson ...wait test, test! hello?? HELLO!!! CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW???

Perhaps that was the problem: the sound was down. Today a few people exercised their inherent PC and are on the map. Congrats folks! Last night was a meeting for networkers, I Edmond( Lex says for us to identify from now on because he wants the credit for pissing people off ) gave 2 locations away pro bono. One has a website, the other does not; and I would like to give her a website and she can get on my map!! :) When a computer sponsor found out, he wanted the info to contact her for help with a site. You see, my site is more than a place for local business to provide service for community, but also a community on to itself for networking within. Now perhaps you see another reason why Sir Lex Luthor became involved: it is just more web 2.01 ( genius ) at the local level.

Before I forget, last night I met a cool dudette: she is in marketing/ media /radio! I asked if she does interviews and she said sure. When I informed that Sir Lex Luthor was in town and giving a few interviews, she said, "COOL!", smart girl. I have a cold, soar throat, or something. ok, yes, I do have a soar throat: that's a fact. Point is that Sir Lex will talk more in a little while.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Hey Tucson, we got you a reprieve, now produce a sponsor like Houston's recent addition.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


It's official now! Pioneer Homes, one of Houston's largest home builders with 22 communities, has decided to use the service of This is huge, the CEO approved everything yesterday and this event will cast a new light on our company. Not only is Pioneer confident that the site will be found by people in Houston and considering a move there, but it will also provide an excellent value.

Lex and I both are having discussions on the fate of Tucson: it has become even more clear as to why I have had so much difficulty locating any business. It has become quite a disappointment. Atleast it is because of this city that the idea was conceived.

I think Lex, or Sir Lex as he calls himself will discuss more indepth details a little later today. It's up to me now to inform other businesses in Houston and Los Angeles of what is happening. I also have to start making calls to Ph, whoops, that will be Lex that discusses that.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Lex Arrives Tonight!

Sir Lex Luthor


Lex gets back from Houston where he spoke with several companies that are always interested in making more money and spending less. Hmmm, sounds smart. I do know of one company that he saw and they do over $750,000,000.00 in revenues a year. Not exactly a small business looking to get on the map; just a smart business that sees the possibilities and with 1 sale, they will have received an 800% ROI. Lex will say who it is later tonight. But with that sponsor, doors should open up as major validation comes in to play and some changes I know will be forthcoming, but again, Sir Lex will discuss that tonight either formally or informally.

I have been searching the web still trying to find another system that would challenge this one and there just isn't one. It's all about Web 2.01. I'm just glad I do not have to be associated anymore with the guys that claim to be web 2.0 compliant or know what the hell it really stands for. Ford thinks they are web 2.0. Ha Ha, guess they thought they were going to keep making money too. Sorry those that lost jobs that read my posts, but blame Ford: it was on their watch.

November will be a significant, well, more than significant; changes to the plan will be made shortly and a threshold of 25-50 sponsors for Tucson must be met by the end of the year or it gets yanked! Tucson has been incredibly challenging and maybe that is why I thought of the idea here. Every independent business person I talk with tells me Tucson is a strange place, not like other cities. You know what? They are right. I spoke with one consultant today and his words were, " Tucson business men are like a bunch of cowboys that would rather go out of business than listen to anyone". That really made my day.

Anyway, Sir Lex will make my night so I look to that and when the changes come, well they will come. Look to Lex Luthor, aka, Sir Lex Luthor tonight, not sure where the Sir came from but I am sure it has something to do with Dr. B.