The Moment It Hit Me

It has been 8 months since it hit me. What hit me? Where I relocated to.I moved to Tucson 11 months ago and have never been able to find anything near where I live. ShopFromHomepage was created to provide merchants the opportunity to let us know where they are: the site is undergoing construction, so enjoy the entertainment for now!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

31 October 2006

The month ends, it is Halloween night and all is quite because there are no kids where I live... It has been a rather interesting month. E-Machine continues to be a complete POS company: I hope I never go to Chino. Lex Luthor was released from a visit with Dr. Blogstein and today, the Houston Business Journal wants to publish a story, in fact the same story that the Tucson Business Edge wants to do. Wow! Perhaps some well due and about time focus is turning this way. The map should be getting active in the next few days as well: Lex has taken care of that.

Next month, tomorrow, will mark a significant time for me and the company. The holidays are here, though I can pass them by, and time is now for the end of the year to become complete. Lex is getting more active and not very social: in fact he is pissed and will not take any more excuses or prisoners. Business, it's just business and it is becoming more intense. It is no wonder why and how the dichotomy was released: it has been locked up a long time.

I'm tired, Lex is in Houston, I have the house to myself, Boston Legal in 1 hour. Then the Crow with Brandon Lee! Later.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Lex ? Luthor

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Dear Diary??? 27 October 2006, I think.

Now I am keeping a diary?! Why? Can you tell me why Dr. B.,Dr. Blogstein? I rarely dream in colors or have nightmares, but some visions are becoming perfectly clear. Change is on the horizon: I see it. I also see Lex Luthor. After visiting Taking Over The Web One City At A Time , it appears that Mr. Luthor is quite opinionated at my expense. Are we supposed to be friends? I know that he is part of me, but, well we will see.

Perhaps I need a break. Naaahh. If I did that, Lex would surly go nutts with my company, ShopFromHomepage. Oh, and I got a message from him. What it meant I am not sure, perhaps Lex Luthor will explain more later. Perhaps Lex Luthor will create some attention for the visitors that would like to find a pizza and a house to eat it in. Once local business dudes and dudettes get on the map, then everyone can find them. I wonder which pizza store will sell more while the others watch the delivery guys drive past them saying "We got another one!" Yep, that's my kind of pizza place.

It's dinner time and I'm hungry. Guess what I feel like eating? If you said pizza, you would be correct. If you were thinking steak, I would not object! Since the pizza joints are not on the map, YET, then maybe a big 2" Angus Sirloin would hit the spot.
Well, I am willing to give it a try. Later.!!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

26 October 2006 Thursday

Shop is no where2be found. In fact, bags are gone. The word is that a visitor is coming and it ain't Bob! Some say he is as dark as night and as evel as Knievel. I think I know who it is. The Dr., Dr. B., has released havoc upon to us! What will happen now? What is 2.01 ? No wonder it's getting weird here!

Lex Luthor is here

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Lex Luthor?, aka. Edmond McGuyer, Creates Web2.01 !!!

24 Tuesday , October 2006

SHOP says:
Do not think he is here idly passing time. I have seen this look in his eyes before. Something big is coming! And it's coming soon!!

Where did I leave my keys?

Monday, October 23, 2006

First it was ~~~~If you Build It, They will come...~~~~, now it was ~~Send It And I Will Read It~~! I read your mails and after personally being entertained, I understand and will return to ShopFromHomepage and why we are here.

Have you ever wanted to know about your community and what it offers? I mean locally. In the past, there have been a few ways to accomplish this task, some of which are: ask your neighbor or the guy at the corner selling newspapers that looks like he has been around for years. If you feel like taking a Sunday drive, you can gas up the Dodge and take the family for some local site seeing and note taking. You may learn of some new streets, neighborhoods, and some other locals telling you how to get back to your own community. The home computer may be able to supply some information for you, the local customer, who is looking for local business. Search Engines are fantastic for supplying information about everything to nothing. When you enter your search terms(AdWords,etc) hopefully your query will be answered.
Let's also hope that "local business", sometimes referred to as small business is familiar with a term known as SEO and applies it.

There are still plenty of other ways to find a steakhouse or tofu burger in your area.In the past, we have flipped through a few pages in the "local" phone book. You would need rather the Yellow colored book if you are unfamiliar with a name, which is the point here. When looking for, say, an optometrist(your eyes get tired searching??)check out all those listings and generally I go for the big box ad, so if you have a little ad, sorry. TV, radio, are both expensive and time sensitive: are you going to be listening when they mention that 5 star steakhouse in "YOUR" area? If you do, then you can write it down since you have pencil and paper and go look it up on the computer: you will always find the information that has been entered or allowed by the engines,??.

Perhaps I seem a little colorful at times in my analogies and descriptions: but I do so for a reason. I have had to experience the changes that take place today in all the metro cities. Dynamic expansion has created a paradigm shift: the world is no longer the same. Web2.0 has been evolving and is here to change our lives for the better:IMO. Reality is that the way we use the web is changing and more and more people are focusing on community: information needs will evolve to an increasing demand for local rather than global.

Therefore, the premise for my paradigm is to create local, functional, and an easy tool to reconnect the old idea that Local Business was and is created for local customers: local community. The local business owners today face enough obstacles trying to compete with Daddy Warbucks and they have a new friend. offers some of the most cost effective marketing available and it is created on the basis of locality.

This concludes today's rendition of why we are here. I will try and loosen it up a little soon: maybe in a few hours if I don't get anymore complaints from anyone.

What's this? woooops...!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

What did I ever do to E-Machine? My laptop froze, crashed, burned Thursday night! Buyer BEWARE! Get a Dell! Alienware, that's cool stuff, but stay away from the E-mach sheen. Moving on,...there is a buzz going on about a letter I sent to the doctor, and it's a weird kind of feeling I'm getting. Kind of like butterfly's. During my campaign I have gone door to door, kissed babes, taken gratuitous gifts: all because of a map. The map that will change the world. Yeah, I guess I can see that as creating a little buzz?? But it's like being in a political time warp! Or maybe not, who knows, but it's curious to say the least--__--__..

Thursday, yes, that was the day I went for breakfast to explain the need to get on the map. Then came lunch, and if you thought I discussed the need for everyone in the room to get on the map, well, your right again. After lunch, the nice people that invited me were giving away prizes. You leave a business card(like the one in the picture post past) and they choose. Well, guess who won? Difficult hmmm? I won a $50.00 gift cert! for a haircut! :) :) :) The bounds of comedy have no limit!

Tomorrow, Sunday, day of rest. Interesting concept. I however will be out ~~Walking The Streets Of Tucson~~ and I have to tell you, I need a vacation! So it looks like I'm going to hop on a bus and head east to Houston. They need me, their native son: to come back and change the map of Houston just 1 more time! ha ha ha. Have any of you been to my hometown? Ever tried to find anything? Including a cab? I, a native, have spent hours once driving to areas where it would make sense for a store to be! Now I am convinced there is no sense. Yes Houston, I hear you and the time is

Hmmm Who will be next?
drawing near.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ok, let's go down the check list...Website built, check...Flyers flying, check...PR's distributed, check...Business Cards in, arrived today sir, check...Tucson news report story of public interest citizen, NO...That's the PROBLEM! I thought it was Brian Williams fault actually, but ok for now. So what cha gonna do?? I am going to whine if that's ok! I can't? Figures, ok, whinining is not for me anyway, that's Shop's job. :) !! ha ha

Today, Thursday, I am going out again to get breakfast. Yep, could have blown me down also, but I am and I am going to talk about my passion, my ambition, ShopFromHomepage. As usual, to anyone that will listen. I am seriously considering finding a speakers corner! Am I unique? One of a kind? Hell yes I am. Where was I?? Breakfast...yes, I am going to have the opportunity to meet many new people , Tucson people, and I may even go to lunch and meet more! Not really sure if I could handle the pressure, but I'll try. If necessary, I'll pawn it off on Shop: he is the real character in the mix.

~~Walking the Streets of Tucson~~..happening again tomorrow and the next day. It will disappoint me if I am not offered a political job. Almost forgot, last night I had another visionary vision! Those are rare by anyone's standard, but I did. I will be talking about it tomorrow, so come on down! I am the bald dude at the table in the front row!

Who's in your phone?

Sunday, October 15, 2006

~~~~If you Build It, They will come...~~~~

Well, it is built and I am wondering if the dude that said this famous line ever got his project built. What do you think it was? The airplane? The Space Shuttle? The Pocket Fisherman? I am really curious! So if someone would please start researching this topic we will keep your seat saved for you. We look forward to that report!!

Ok! Well I don't know about you but I'm excited about that! But I am also excited about the website being built and now, ~~~~they~~~~will~~~~come~~~~. Sure, there will be some minor changes, and a few biggies like adding more cities, but not until year end. For the surfers out there, perhaps you visited Contact Us.. If no one caught it, then now is your chance! Got suggestions on where to consider? Now you can. It will become more notable soon!

Today, it has been Sunday. Still is as a matter of fact :)....I explored more shops and met more people to educate the benefits and opportunities now available for the few. What a country. I mean think about it! Nobody will tell you how your business is going to be successful. SFH offers a "few", yes, a few business owners an opportunity for unique exposure. Not everyone will be able to get on the map, even if they wanted to. Space is limited. Airplanes, buses, hotels, what doesn't have limited space? Even when there is an infinite amount of space, the choice is still yours. Get on the map, or go your own way. Did you know that last week I was looking for Lowes Building Supplies? Now you are saying, "Who the hell cares, right?" Chill for a second, Lowes was not even listed in the Yellow Pages, why? They figure they don't need it. And they are right. I don't need to go from there to hunt down phone numbers for them! They are now deleted.

As I told some owners, when you choose your location, the competition has basically been eliminated. Viewers do not have to search through the maze for a provider. Sure, your choices have been reduced, but in exchange for that, you get to take a ride on just 1 step of the new evolution ladder! Way2go, your on the road with web2.0! Competition is still very much alive my friends, but so is the brilliance of the adaptability of the internet! The stores on the map, while they provide convenience, they do not necessarily charge the corner convenience store rate of cost + 500%..

Friends, associates..You know that I am extremely passionate about this company. For I can see clearly all the benefits for you, businesses, everyone. So stay close and join me for the walks on the streets and the other means to which I will use to inform everyone that there is a new benefit in town. Who knows, maybe some of you will get a free T-Shirt or an autograph signed by "Shop"!

We're Walking the Streets of Tucson

Saturday, October 14, 2006

~~!! News Flash !!~~ There was a rumor that I was walking the streets of Tucson.. I can confirm that it is true! A few days ago I informed everyone that I would be acting like a politician and going door to door; that is what I am doing. Taking to the people of Tucson, after this will be Houston and on to L A. And I have to tell you, being able to leave the computer for awhile and see people is really cool! I am meeting some nice people and no one has kicked me out!

For several days I have been considering hiring someone else to deliver the message >> that message in the upper right hand corner. If you would like one, just copy it and blow it up and pass it around :) >> it's cool by me! But as I was saying, considering the use of others to hold some sort of power/control over my destiny kind of seemed like a bad idea. A very bad idea! So I listened to Shop and have been going on my own and really enjoying it! It is more work, but as long as my fans provide coffee at the shops I visit, pizza at the Huts I visit, you get the idea. It's cool though.

In 6 days I will be out of flyers which will mean I have personally delivered over 1000 to the people of Tucson. Light bulb just went off!! Perhaps I will save the last 20 for my friends at the Arizona Daily Star so they can write a story on Edmond hard at work! Sometimes I simply amaze myself: nahh, I do all the time actually :)

I have written an article I hope to have published very soon( I'll keep you posted ) and I have more meetings in the next 10 days with other business associates that want to discuss the progress and direction of SFH . The media has supplied some goals for me and the TEAM to get cracking on. So stay tuned! And I have not forgotten about the surprise I have said I would deliver, but hey, keeping the suspense maximized!!..

This is the map, Get on it!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hello all. As usual, I was just writing a post and it disappeared. Everyone should be aware by now that I loath E-Machines. Purchased a new one 6/10/06, it has had problems since day 1. Suffice to say they suck and I am about to sue. But I have had several e-mails, phone calls, and yes, smoke signals trying to find out where I am. Thanks for your concern and I have just been very busy. You see, now that the final design is live, I am devoting much of my time informing the 3 cities of their gift. Yes, gift!

Shop has become very jealous and not keen at all about my leaving to go talk live with people. So if you don't understand the scenario, I will explain it this way:

Remember a stupid movie called "Castaway"? Tom Hanks, killer island, Fed X dropped him, but left him with a new pal named ???? "Wilson"! Really creative! But hey, mine is called "Shop", so go figure. Point is I have to go outside, away from the computer now and spread the word and "Shop" is not happy, atleast "Shop" is not a "Wilson" Volley Ball..

Current events have me talking with the press and yes, I have spoken with some "radio" jox's: cool job! But spreading the word is a full time job and atleast I am getting a tan cruising door to door. It is quite cool though to be talking with the media types and have them see a fraction of my vision, my Web 2.0 creation, and say " that's cool".. It's a good feeling. One word on Web 2.0, if you do not know what it means, look it up or ask me. But the new Ford cars are not Web 2.0!! Web 2.0 is not about cars!!!! Ahhhhhh!!

Ok, got to go. E-Machines has crashed me twice now. Michael Dell...Where are you?? Get on the Map! I need a new PC! More to come guys and thanks for your concern and reading my posts. Appreciate the words and I'll be back very soon with some cool news. Whooops, got a call....Got to take a meeting....It's from a guy named.........

Edmond? Edmond McGuyer? This is Bob

Thursday, October 05, 2006

There is a rumor going around that I am getting a little, how can I say this without upsetting me???? screwy again. All I can say is what I would normally say, "Who cares?" Just because I now have some new friends hanging with me from Smiley Town or wherever they come from: I like the comic relief. But enough about my friends. Let's talk about me and Shop, ok????? Ok, I see why the rumor is going around.....

Next week is going to get more intense, but I guess I forgot to say that IT IS ALREADY INTENSE........This is going to be an all or nothing month and no prisoners can be taken. I am about to carry out a full assault on the town of Tucson, just like a politician, door to door. Hmmm, maybe I will go into politics too?.. Oh well, door to door, setting up potential paper interviews and I will start really bugging the DJ's here to let me talk!! I am so sick of trying to find places. It totally sucks! Tucson is so freaking big I am on empty before I head to a bar because I forgot what the hell I was looking for. Yes, it's that bad! I am not going to make a career out of locating stores to have them go out of business due to the lack of business because nobody knows they are in business. Ok! So GET ON THE MAP!!!

Where are my Smiley pals when I need them? But, for those who read my posts all the way through, like you didn't get board at the first word..., loser,for those who stuck around to enjoy the thoughts and ramblings that go on in my little world, genius world that is......there will be a surprise coming and that's all I'll say.
Help! Help! Where does this stuff come from?

Monday, October 02, 2006

It's a new month, it's a new day, it's a new look and it is the last time. 3 Beta versions in 5 months has resulted in a finely tuned grid for the world to take notice. There will be no more changes except when it is time for a new city! A tremendous amount of work has been levied into this project with many hours from various friends and associates. While all the kudos are great, there is no time for accolades, only time to get the word out as expeditiously as possible. And for those wondering, I can talk like this! I am multi-talented. :) ha ha.

With all this said, I was really hoping to capitalize on the $25.00 transcript fees and pour those into the marketing fund, but I heard of multiple cases of cut and paste thieves! Put them back or send me money! Current project is getting some 1st class coverage from a major. So stay tuned and back in a few days.